2018 Annual Catamount Games

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2018 Annual Catamount Games


Who: First 30 athletes to sign up.

What: 2018 Catamount Games

When: 6:00 AM Friday 12 OCT 2018 to 12:00 PM Sunday 14 OCT 2018.

Where: The Mountains of East Tennessee

This event will be operated out of a base camp with daily individual/group challenges. The challenges (both mental and physical) will be individually scored, and points will be awarded to each athlete. The male and female with the most challenge points at the end of the event will receive the "Top Cat" award.

Prerequisites to attend this event: Athletes must be able maintain a 4 MPH pace with a 45lb ruck over even terrain for multiple hours, swim unaided for 800m and have a working knowledge of orienteering/land navigation.

A link will be available to download a release of liability. Bring this to the start of the event. More information along with the required equipment/gear list will be published NLT 01 September 2018.

Cost of registration includes two meals, special equipment and Friday/Saturday night camp site/land usage fees.

All finishers will receive a patch, hat and t-shirt. Registration fee is non-refundable.

Start point and contact information will be provided after registration. Cell phone coverage is very limited in this area.


Catamount Expeditions events are operated sub rosa (under the rose). The organizers, staff, and all attendees, past and future, are sworn to complete secrecy. By registering, you understand and agree to the following:

edia coverage, blogs, websites, books, products, advertising, marketing, photos, audio recordings, video recordings, spectators, public discussion, and the like are prohibited.

We ask that you do not mention any private event organized by Catamount Expeditions.

You will be completely cut-off from the rest of the world, for the entire duration of the event.

Mobile phones, computers, or any other communication or electronic navigation devices are prohibited.

Detailed information about the venue will only be shared with registered attendees.

Nothing is allowed at the venue other than your food, drink, clothing, and mandatory gear items.

A list of mandatory gear, including approved food and drink containers, and clothing, will be released to you before the event.

Participants found on the course with unapproved gear items will be immediately disqualified, escorted off the property, and unwelcome at future events.

Support crews, pacers, and spectators are prohibited. Leave your friends and family at home. No exceptions.

No one is allowed at the venue other than the event organizers, staff, and registered participants. Registering is only the first step. You will receive instructions prior to the event that are mandatory for participation (e.g. application form, approval process, background check, release, waiver, non-disclosure agreement, and other legally binding documents).

The organizers and staff reserve the right to remove you from the event at any time, for any reason, including medical safety. For your safety and security, we ask that you please respect the instructions of organizers, staff, and security at all times during the event.


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