What is “Catamount Games?” Catamount Games - lovingly referred to in short as ‘Catamount’- is a multi-day endurance event that presents both physical and mental challenges to its participants. Held only once a year and based out of the southeastern Appalachians, our signature state-side challenge is the foundation and origin of all that Catamount Expeditions has become and seeks to instill.

And no two Catamounts are ever the same.

Our aim is to introduce athletes to themselves against an unbiased backdrop. To be fully functional as a human requires mental toughness through physical fatigue, as well as physical toughness through mental fatigue- we just provide the stage and the gauge. From extended, difficult mountain hikes to cerebral puzzles, land navigation races to firearms and rappelling skills, athletes will face an expansive array of trials that will be scored for completion, accuracy, time, or all of the above. By de-brief on the last day, no participant will be the same human who signed waivers on the first. While Top Cat trophies will be awarded to the male and female with the most accrued points, the real win is in understanding what humans are truly capable of.