Catamount Expeditions provides adventures/challenges worldwide for the outdoor enthusiast and wilderness athlete. Typically events are invite only but we also provide custom adventures for those wanting to explore the world. Let us plan your next adventure or join us for a once in a life time journey.

I am so grateful to our fearless leaders and every one of the participants.
— Natalie Gardner, Catamount Iceland 2017

Why Catamount Expeditions

  • Challenge yourself in ways you only dreamed of. 
  • Push your limits and learn what you are made of. 
  • Set realistic goals and conquer them.
  • Get out of your comfort zone!
  • Learn from our experienced coaching staff. 
  • Travel to untouched regions of earth.
  • Unplug from your daily routine.
  • Free yourself and grow!

Catamount Expeditions was founded as a result of tremendously varied, unique personal experiences. Every member of the CE team came to the same moment in their lives from vastly different paths, but the epiphany was identical- ‘There has to be something more to life than this.’

We believe that man was put on this planet full of diverse terrains and fascinating cultures to do more than work to live and live to work. The world is one giant playground, and man was created fully equipped to explore and interact with all of it. However, life is not always ideal, and there are some very real responsibilities that make it difficult for each of us as adults to interface as we would want. It can be quite a task to research, create a plan, and execute an adventure with enough energy left over to appreciate it fully. The daunting nature and time requirements alone are enough to discourage taking on this mission.

We’re here to help.

Born from the spirit of service and experiences of our owner and operators, Catamount Expeditions exists to take on the burdens of logistics and trip planning in order to provide a low-stress, extremely-human adventure. Whether you are participating in our annual Catamount Games, seeking to explore our own great nation, or dreaming of lands overseas, we are dedicated to providing you with everything you need to be fully, functionally human.”